Yesterday I had
‘A date with destiny’
a bit expensive for a course,
but more than worth the trouble.
I learned
‘To perform to my maximum capacity’
and if that wasn’t good enough yet:
‘To perform with integrity’.
I felt connected to the universe out there
and all the life floating around in the primordial soup.

It’s tiring, to be honest,
to live with the world at your feet
on horseback through Mexico,
camping on Bali,
shopping in Monaco.
I have to keep thinking: #Yes I Can.

Life is good:
Brad Pitt is still a happy camper.
Vaginal anti-fungal crème is on sale today.
Television crews travel all across the world
and having mad amounts of fun
between venomous snakes and hairy spiders.
I see their fun echo on television and
wonder if aliens see our fumbling about.

There must be innumerable galaxies,
where life is more than abundant.
We live in our own remote ghetto
in a far corner of the cosmos.

It’s not that alien lifeforms
do not exist.
None can be bothered
to come and see us.


Vertaling Bard Papegaaij